Sunset Walk

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012


Who doesn't love a sunset walk along the river? The sun was setting (and reflecting off the water) directly behind Randy's head.

Kathy, Randy and I met up downtown to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and a perfect dusk. We walked and walked, then enjoyed an amazing dinner, then walked some more! Starting at Park Street, our walk took us towards Government Center, then through the maze of Beacon Hill, past churches I had never seen before, then across the Fiedler Bridge to the Hatch Shell and the Charles River Esplanade (just as the set was setting behind the skyline) and down Mass Ave. We took the T back to Beacon Hill to use a groupon and try out an amazing sushi restaurant, then we walked it off all the way down Charles Street, through Beacon Hill again, past the Public Gardens and then to Copley to wait for my bus. Great exercise with great friends!

Click here for photos from another walk along the Charles River Esplanade

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