Day 3: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Monday, September 28th, 2015

This morning, I got to see the reverse of what I saw as we left Boston: the sun rose on one side of the ship, while the moon was low in the sky on the other!

In Halifax, we arrived at Pier 21 and almost immediately, found a shop we had been looking forward to: Amos Pewter. It’s a local Nova Scotian company that makes pewter crafts that we both love, and we made a plan to end our day there. We walked along Halifax’s boardwalk and explored the touristy area long the pier, then spent some time wandering and hopping on and off the local tourist bus.

We got off at the Halifax Public Gardens, which were really beautiful. The weather was still absolutely incredible, so it was wonderfully peaceful to wander through bright colorful gardens. We circled the whole park, then found a spot for lunch nearby and enjoyed our first poutine in Canada!

We got back on the bus to see the rest of downtown Halifax, learned about the major explosion that shaped Halifax’s history, saw the Citadel and the clock tower, with incredible views of the harbor and the bridge that connects to Dartmouth, then Halifax’s north end, and their distinctive hydrostone buildings made from fire-resistant bricks.

Then we wandered around Murphy’s Landing, a cluster of shops at the pier that had two stores we were looking forward to: Nova Scotian Crystal and Amos Pewter. The crystal is mouth-blown hand-cut crystal, and the shop features lots of views into the workshops where big burly guys were delicately crafting, cutting and etching incredibly gorgeous crystal. Amos Pewter makes incredibly beautiful pewter, some of which is intricately etched with incredibly fine details, and some of which is polished with beautifully smooth curves, and we especially like their somewhat art deco-esque crèche set. We had our eye on a few pieces, which we purchased from the Amos Pewter shop at Pier 21 since we had learned that a portion of the sales at their shop benefit the local children’s hospital.

Back on the ship for another evening of book-reading, sunset-watching, and delightful conversation with random strangers over dinner.

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