Monday, May 28th, 2012


We got the summer started off right with a trip to Cape Cod before it got crowded or hot (actually, it was practically empty, and chilly). We found a deal online, so we spent Memorial Day Monday and the following day at the Chatham Bars Inn. When you think ‘inn’, you might think of a cute little hotel, but this place is more like a village. The main inn is surrounded by several little cottages, a spa, tennis courts, a swimming pool … and the Atlantic Ocean.

After wandering around on the Cape and discovering a lovely gallery, we spent the rest of afternoon reading. The air smelled amazing, the cool breeze felt wonderful (we were both wearing sweaters), I was re-reading one of my favorite biographies and working up a pretty big appetite for seafood. If you’re ever in Chatham, go eat at the Impudent Oyster. Seriously incredible meal.

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