Day 6: Gulf of St. Lawrence

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Although I had planned to sleep in on our full day at sea, I found myself awake at 4am because our bed (and the whole ship) was listing to port (towards my feet), and then I heard the somewhat amusing sound of my bedside drawers, and the drawers in several nearby rooms, sliding open all at once. As we continued to ride what must have been some pretty big waves, I managed to get back to sleep but only for a short while, and we headed up for an early breakfast where we all found it challenging to carry our food to our tables without stumbling as the ship continued to ride very choppy waves. I was rather pleased with myself for not falling over, but I did spill coffee on myself.

In his typical dry tone, our captain announced that the overnight weather forecast had turned out to be completely incorrect, and what was supposed to be “a little bit windy” actually turned out to be hurricane-level winds.

After a mid-morning nap, and calmer seas, we were ready for our day at sea: reading, drawing, walking and eating. It actually turned out to be a very clear blue day, with great views of New Brunswick in the distance!

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