Day 5: Charlottetown, PEI

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

I started and ended our visit to Charlottetown on the 9th deck forward where I could enjoy a panoramic view as we came and went through Charlottetown Harbor. From there, we got to see lots of Prince Edward Island’s famous red cliffs, and we enjoyed the dusty rose colored rocks, sands and soil throughout our day. The soil is red due to the iron content, and it became a lovely shade of brick red when it rained in the afternoon.

We spent a few hours in the morning exploring Charlottetown, starting with St. Dunstan’s Cathedral, which is one of C-town’s most recognizable buildings, with three spires that I stood out in the skyline as we arrived this morning. It was incredibly beautiful, and it had some of my favorite stained glass of the whole week. We wandered around a bit, past the shops on Victoria Row and down Great George Street and in to Amos Pewter to continue our shopping. I was desperately in need of a lobster roll, so we postponed our shopping til later.

We had scored a complimentary shore excursion through our travel agent, so we boarded a bus around lunchtime, and listened to a very pleasant PEI native talk us through an hour-long drive on the trans-Canada highway, through gorgeous farmland filled with lush green grass, yellow crops, and red soil. We hopped out to see Confederation Bridge, at 9 miles, the longest bridge over icy water in the world, and we also hopped out at Gateway Village for a little shopping, then back on the bus for a lovely nap on the way back to Charlottetown.

We headed straight back to Amos Pewter to make a few purchases, and we were treated to a very cool demonstration. Liquid pewter is pretty amazing, and he showed us how it becomes a solid very quickly by splashing some liquid pewter directly on to his workstation, then picking it up a moment later as a solid.

Back on the ship, we enjoyed a late-afternoon snack of the incredibly fresh PEI mussels that they were serving on the Lido Deck, then we headed to my new favorite spot on the 9th deck to watch as we headed out of Charlottetown Harbor and north towards the Gulf of St. Lawrence.



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