Maine Lobsters

Friday, March 21st, 2014

We finally got around to using one of the gift cards that we received as a wedding gift (yes, I know our wedding was two years ago). Family friends gave us a gift certificate to Maine Lobster Direct — a great idea in theory, but we were both slightly terrified of the idea of cooking lobsters (it’s a bit brutal), so we had them sent to my parents’ house. Two lobsters, and two servings of jumbo shrimp, clam chowder and cherry cheesecake were delivered to my parents’ house, and the four of us enjoyed a long delicious meal after a long week. Mom made extra portions of clam chowder, plus steamed mussels, and steaks to round out our feast.

Out of respect for those who are thoroughly grossed out by the sight of a bowl full of mussels or lobsters shells, I won’t share a few of the photos I took. Instead, here’s a lovely photo of the tulips in my parents’ dining room.


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