Photoblogs, old and new

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

My old photoblog, 2007-2012

I started a photoblog on in late 2007, around the time I started dating this really great guy. For the next few years, I posted regularly and tried to capture life’s little adventures, most of which included my sweetie. We explored our city, made dinner, threw parties, went to weddings and brought our cameras along for the ride. Those adventures can be found at

My new photoblog, 2012-present

When we got married in March 2012, I changed my name and decided it was time for a new website ( and a new photoblog ( … and here we are! This photoblog was created in July 2012 using WordPress and the Pretty Parchment theme, which I modified extensively. I recreated all of my posts going back to our wedding weekend, and I plan to continue posting for many years to come.

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