Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

I’m so excited about the new exhibit at the MFA! So excited that I showed up a day early … 

Today was a personal day and after a full day of errands, I had about an hour to run over to the MFA and check out the new exhibit. I guess I got my dates mixed up

But at least I was able to peak through the glass 🙂 I had a moment all to myself viewing the exhibit from a nearly empty corridor. There’s definitely something creepy and beautiful about seeing ancient works of art perfectly lit for viewing with no one looking

I couldn’t see the Aphrodite exhibit but I could visit the rest of the museum. This is probably my favorite room in the new American Wing. It’s curated to mimic the Paris Salon. Nothing beats the combination of white marble, red walls and gold frames.

Apologies for the picture quality … this was taken with my camera a few weeks ago

mmm Chihuly


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