Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Hurricane Irene turned out to be relatively unexciting for us, except for a big tree down behind the house. Our apt stands next to a big hill about the same height as our building, and a tree near the top of the hill was totally uprootd. The tree had the courtesy to fall neatly alongside the back of the house rather than directly on to the house – a difference of a few degrees. 

This is the root of the tree that fell. This is near the top of the hill, so this is about the same height as our roof. 

The view behind the house from the back patio – this is the top of the tree, right against the side of the house. 

My kitchen window

My living room window – the root of the tree is out of the shot, further up on the right. 

This is NOT near my house, and this is NOT our car. B took a walk to check out the neighborhood, and this is down the street from us. 

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