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This website is a place for me to share my photos of Roman Churches from my visits to the Eternal City. The site is also the source for my Pinterest Map Board, Becky’s photos of Roman Churches.  Pinterest has a wonderful feature which allows you to pin your photos to a map, so this Pinterest board shows the churches that I’ve been, to starting on the west end of Central Rome, with Trastevere and Vatican City, and ending on the east end of Central Rome (near Termini Station).

My photos are from my seven visits to Rome, especially the most recent trip in 2012, when I finally had a camera that could capture the gorgeous details of Rome’s Churches.

  • October 2001: During my junior year of college, I met some college friends in Rome for the weekend while I was studying abroad for two semesters in Florence, and they were studying abroad in London.
  • November 2001: Not long after, I spent my fall break in London, then brought Jen and Keith with me from London, where they were studying abroad, back to Italy with me, starting with a weekend Rome.
  • January 2002: My parents and a college friend visited me over winter break. My friend and I were coming from a few days in Paris and my parents were coming from a few days in Venice, and we met in Rome.
  • March 2002: During my spring break, I took the train to Rome for 24 hours alone with my sketchbook.
  • March 2002: I went with 30 art students and our incredibly knowledgeable art history professor on a field trip to Rome.
  • April 2006: I graduated from college and got a job working at a college where I became friends with someone who was itching to do the same thing I was itching to do: go to Rome. We spent a week in Rome, Florence and Milan. Not long after, we became roommates, and six years later, she would be my maid of honor.
  • October 2012: My husband and I got married in March 2012 and honeymooned in October, starting with three days in Rome, and then a Mediterranean cruise.

About Becky DiMattia:

I’m a painter, art-lover, web-designer, photoblogger, museum volunteer, academic administrator, and Pinterest pinner. Check out my website, beckydimattia.com, (which links to all of my other websites).

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header photo: my favorite Roman church, Sant’Ignazio di Loyola